Annie (Lily) Eliza Mintram

b. January 1859 in Fawley, Hampshire.

m. 10th August 1878 to George House in Fawley, Hampshire.

d. September 1918 in Fawley, Hampshire.

Andrew Mintram

b. 24 November 1826 in Fawley, Hampshire.

m. 27th September 1845 to Ann Orman in Exbury, Hampshire.

d. 1916 in Fawley, Hampshire.

John Mintram

b. 12th February 1795 in Marchwood, Hampshire.

m. 14th July 1817 to Jane Brumfield in Exbury, Hampshire.

d. 1871 in Hampshire.

William Mintram

b. 18th November 1769 in Nursling, Hampshire.

m. 7th June 1792 to Ann Tribbeck in Fawley, Hampshire.

d. 1823 in Hampshire.