Break Time!

Hello Everyone,

I have decided that I would take a few months away from researching my family history and blogging, as I have a lot of university work that needs to be completed. I am in the final stretch of achieving a Masters in Computer Science with Games Development and want to focus on getting the best grade I can!

Despite this, I will still be active on my Instagram, Facebook and through the contact form which can be found here. So if you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on any of these platforms. I will also use this time off, to organise some photographs and collect some more from family members, if I have time. A nice, easy task when I have a bit of free time in between working!

I’ll be back soon,
Kind Regards,

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  1. KTC says:

    Best wishes on completing the last leg of your master’s degree.

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    1. Tony Beacock says:

      Thank you very much!!


  2. I love the way you have organized your blog and am quite inspired to clean mine up in a similar fashion.! Thanks for stopping by All My Ancestors so that I could discover this wonderful site. Good luck with your work.

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    1. Tony Beacock says:

      Thank you very much, I’m glad I’ve been able to help inspire you! If you need anything, just message me! Good luck with your research!

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  3. Val says:

    Good luck with your Masters!


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