Research: Lily Beacock (nee Kirby)

My great-grandmother Lily Beacock (nee Kirby) was born on 24th December 1901 in Hull, East Yorkshire, to John William and Selina Kirby (nee Bone).

Lily Kirby Birth CERT.jpg
Birth Certificate of Lily Kirby.

I cannot seem to find a baptism record online for Lily. This could be because it has not been put online. Lily would have been baptised because the family were very religious. I will have to check at the Hull History Centre if there is a baptism record there.

On 31st December 1907, just 7 days after Lily turned 6 years old, she received this certificate from St. Paul’s Infants School. It states that she attended the school 206 out of 208 days during that half year.Lily Kirby Attendance Record from Infant School 1907.jpg

Lily married Frederick Walter Beacock on 27th October 1923 in Hull, East Yorkshire. Their marriage certificate is in possession of a close relative and it has given me a lot of information about Lily and her husband Frederick, my great grandparents. The certificate shows that John William Kirby was the father of Lily and that he was also an Oil Miller.

Marriage Certificate of Frederick Walter Beacock and Lily Kirby.

Lily was a member of the church and attended every Sunday. My auntie Janette (Lily’s granddaughter), told me that she always remembers her grandmother being at church, whether it was for the services, teaching children at the Sunday school or cleaning it.

My auntie also told me that she remembers that Lily always went to jumble sales, and was always first in line! She used to buy clothes such as jumpers so that she could unpick the wool or whatever material was being used, and make new clothes for. She would give some of these to her grandchildren.

Lily regularly went on day trips with the members of the church. Here is a photo of Lily on one of those outings.


A very close friend of the family remembers Lily and was very good friends with her. 87-year-old Edna Gardiner (nee Towse) is known by the family as “Mrs Gardiner”. She grew up with my grandfather Frederick Allan Beacock and his siblings (children of Lily) and was my father’s Sunday school teacher as well as mine. She has known a few generations of the family and is still a very close family friend. She was married to Gideon Gardiner, who was the Pastor of Fig Tree Gospel Hall, the church that Lily attended.

After the death of her husband Frederick Walter Beacock in 1938, Lily had to bring up her children and live her life, on her own. I have been told that she was very strong minded and hard working.

Lilly Beacock and ____.jpg

Lily sadly passed away on 30th June 1970 in Hull as a result of Carcinoma of the fundus of the stomach, which is otherwise known as stomach cancer. She was buried in Northern Cemetery in Hull on 3rd July 1970. She was buried with her husband Frederick and also her daughter, Sylvia May Beacock. Her son Ronald Beacock was also buried there in 2012. There is sadly no gravestone for this grave.

I will hopefully find out more information about Lily in the future, as well as see some more photographs. Both information and photographs will come from close siblings and also a very close friend of hers.

Thank you for reading,


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  1. Curson says:

    I knew your great grandmother as I also went to Fig Tree and was Christened by Pastor Gardiner as were my children and my sister. We have exchanged Christmas cards every year with Mrs.Gardiner but have not received one the last couple of years and were unsure of her health. If you know anything, I would be pleased to hear.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tony Beacock says:

      Thank you very much for commenting! The last time I visited Mrs. Gardiner was earlier this year. She had been taken into a home, which I forget the name of. I’ll contact you via email! Thanks again.


  2. Curson says:

    Correct email is


  3. son says:

    Thank you for info on Mrs. Gardiner,would like name of home if pos. I’m sorry I can’t really tell you anything about Lily. I just remember always being at Sunday School but I will look through old photos when I get chance to see if she is on any of them. I was there in the 50’s & my name was Clegg & my others maiden name was Gillyon, she was also a churchgoer.


    1. Tony Beacock says:

      Thank you very much for that. I will have to find out what it is again. I did visit her there earlier this year. It wasn’t too far away from the bungalow where she lived. Take Care.


  4. Lindacurson says:

    Thank you for that. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Lindacurson says:

    I’ve got a couple of pics you may be interested in & one that has Lily on but don’t know where to send them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tony Beacock says:

      Wow thank you so much, please send an email to me at

      Thank you so much, I’m excited now!!


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