Research: Thomas Beacock

My 3x great grandfather Thomas Beacock was born in 1841 in the Melton Ross area of Lincolnshire, England. He was the illegitimate son of Sarah Beacock. We do not know who the father was.

I could not seem to find a baptism record for Thomas, which is strange. One possibility of why the record is missing could be because of a mistranscribed record. It could also be because he was an illegitimate child, but that seems unlikely, as the Church had to treat ALL children who were brought to be baptised, the same.

Thomas was the ancestor in my direct line that brought the Beacock family over to Hull from Lincolnshire. He would have moved to Hull somewhere between 1861 and 1868, as he was living in Winteringham in 1861, and married in 1868 in Hull. I have found no evidence to prove why Thomas moved to Hull, but it could have been to find work or purely to marry.

25-year-old Thomas married 15-year-old Margaret Gibson on 24th December 1868 in Hull, East Yorkshire. At the time of marriage, Thomas was a Rullyman but he went on to be a Butcher and then an Agricultural Labourer.  It appears that the couple were already living at the same residence, at the time of their marriage. 6 Wood’s Court was the home of Margaret’s parents Martin and Jane. The fact that Martin and Jane allowed Lodgers to live with them, suggests that Thomas had been a lodger in their home when he moved to Hull from Lincolnshire, sometime between 1861 and 1868. Thomas would have most probably crossed the River Humber via ferry. There were a few ferries running at this time, so it difficult to state which one he would have used.

Beacock x Gibson
Marriage Certificate of Thomas Beacock and Margaret Gibson

As you can see on the marriage certificate, above, Thomas’ father is recorded as Gilbert Beacock. There was no such person as Gilbert Beacock which suggests that Thomas gave his stepfather’s first name (Gilbert Burton Handson) as his father’s name. There are a number of reasons why this would have happened. Thomas could have been embarrassed about being born out of wedlock. Another possibility was that Thomas saw Gilbert (his stepfather) as his father and the transcriber just assumed he was a Beacock.

On 14th May 1875 there was a newspaper article in the Hull Packet about Thomas Beacock. Thomas had failed to have his child vaccinated and so was fined 2 shillings and 6 pence. The child could potentially be my 2x great grandfather, Frederick Beacock because he was born in 1875.

Thomas Beacock Vaccination Prosecutions - Hull Packet 14 May 1875.PNG
Thomas Beacock in The Hull Packet 1875

Thomas passed away on 23rd July 1896 in Hull, East Yorkshire. According to the burial records at Northern Cemetery, Thomas died as a result of Diabetes. He was buried on 26th July 1896 in Hedon Road Cemetery, Hull. I am yet to visit the cemetery, so I do not know if there is a gravestone or not.

Sadly there are no family stories that include Thomas and there are also no family members alive who could potentially know anything about him. Despite this, we as a family should be very thankful for his life and the keeping of the Beacock name, because, without him, I would not be a Beacock.

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