Research: Mary Ann Hunter (nee Wright)

My 2x great grandmother, Mary Ann Wright was born in Burton Pidsea to Thomas and Isabella Wright (nee Thompson) on 5th November 1879.

I have family still around that remember her, such as my grandmother, two of her brothers and a few distant cousins. A few of these, excluding my grandmother, remember her mother, Isabella, as she came to stay at the house of Mary Ann for a little while before she passed away. Because of this, I knew for definite that Mary Ann’s mother was called Isabella and I also knew that Isabella’s husband was called Thomas Wright.

This photograph that I received from a distant cousin shows a group of the family, where at the present time, a few of them are still alive. This proves the links between each of these generations because people have memories of their elders. The photo is, in fact, a diamond wedding anniversary of Thomas and Isabella Wright, my 3x great grandparents. They are sat in the centre of the photograph. Mary Ann is to the left of them.

1937 Diamond Wedding Ann. of Thomas and Isabella.jpg

I have found this baptism record for Mary Ann which shows that she was baptised in Burton Pidsea on 15th January 1880. This shows that there is a good chance Mary Ann was born in the January of 1880, but there is still a slight possibility that she was in late December of 1879.

Zoom_Mary Ann Wright Baptism.PNG

I also found the Banns of Marriage between Henry Hunter and Mary Ann Wright which will make a nice addition to files I am collecting for them.

Zoom_Marriage Banns of Henry Hunter and Mary Ann Wright 1898.PNG

But the record I was most excited about was this marriage record below. This shows the handwriting of Henry, Mary Ann and Timothy Wright (Mary Ann’s brother). On the same page of marriage records that I obtained the record of Mary Ann and Henry’s, there was also the marriage record of  Thomas Thompson and Ada Elizabeth Hunter, who was Henry Hunter’s younger sister. I have her handwriting and also her father’s. John Hunter was my 4x great-grandfather.

Zoom_Marriage Record of Henry Hunter and Mary Ann Wright.PNG

The marriage record shows that they were married at St. Peter and St. Paul’s Church in Burton Pidsea, East Yorkshire on 17th May 1899. I know for definite that this is the correct record as it has included a few of the couples’ family members which we as a family know of.

After Mary Ann’s husband Henry Hunter passed away, she moved into 10 Lambert Park Road, which is a street down Sheriff’s Highway in Hedon. She lived there with three of her sons, Thomas Wright Hunter, John (Jack) Hunter and Ronald Hunter (Ronnie). The photo below shows the house in 2009. It is the house with the green door. The house to the left of the house is number 12. Mary Ann’s grandson George Hunter lived there with his wife Marie Hunter (nee Osbourne).

10 Lambert Park, Hedon. (Where grandma Hunter lived).PNG

My grandmother told me that she always remembers going to visit her grandmother, Mary Ann. She referred to her as Grandma Hunter and didn’t actually know her first and middle name until I found it out. My grandmother told me that Mary Ann’s bathroom always smelled of Lifebuoy soap.

My grandmother remembers Mary Ann lying down in her bed, that had been brought downstairs after she had fallen down the stairs in her home. She had broken her hip and was consequently bedridden. Mary Ann sadly passed away on 5th January 1966 in Hedon, East Yorkshire, aged 86. The story goes that she passed away because of the Pneumonia she had caught, a little while after her accident. I will not know this for definite until I purchase her death record.

Mary Ann is now buried in Hedon Town Cemetery, East Yorkshire, with her husband Henry Hunter and one of their sons, Harold Hunter. She was buried there on 10th January 1966. Sadly there is no gravestone for the couple and their son, but I am trying to sort something out for them.

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